Honours Project – second audio puzzle


This puzzle was meant to tell a story of the two gods, Perun and Weles, dividing the world into their dominions. After they have battled each other (and, in the consequence, created the landscape of the world), Weles was cast down into the underground, where he started taking care of the souls of the dead. Perun rules in the sky. Slavs believed that the world is enclosed in a dome, above which resides Perun and his children.

I wanted to showcase the different dominions through sound effects.


I researched and collected various sounds which could be associated with the sky and the underground. Those sounds would be placed as ambient emitters in a level, attached to totems which would have the symbols of the two gods nearby.

Image 1: symbol of Weles (from https://wszystkiesymbole.pl/znak-walesa/)

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania perun symbol

Image 2: symbol of Perun (from https://wiaraprzyrodzona.wordpress.com/2015/10/25/perun/)

The player would have to make a choice between those to symbols to associate the sound with a god and his dominion.

The sounds selected were:

  1. Thunderstorm (Perun – sky dominion)
  2. Cave ambience (Weles – underground dominion)
  3. Heavy wind (Perun – sky dominion)
  4. Earthquake (Weles – underground dominion)

Cave ambience was created by recording sounds of water drops dripping from a sponge into a ceramic bowl and treated with long reverb.

Heavy wind sound is an export of a procedural audio patch made in Pure Data based on a design by Andy Farnell.

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 15.48.11.png

Image 3: Pure Data wind patch

Other sounds were created using samples and blend tracks inside Wwise.


Sounds were implemented into Wwise and then imported into Unity, where playback and gameplay logic was scripted. The player has to get all the associations right, otherwise, the state of the puzzle resets. For future considerations, the sounds could swap locations so that the player does not focus on memorising the sequence and instead, listens to the sounds and tries to associate them with the sky or the underground. An interactive music track is also present. The state of the track is dependent on the progress of the player. New instruments appear if the player makes progress in the puzzle and the music resets along with the puzzle if the player makes a mistake.


Farnell, A. (2010). Designing sound. London: MIT Press.

Wiara Przyrodzona. 2015. Slowianie – Wiara Przyrodzona. [ONLINE] Available at: https://wiaraprzyrodzona.wordpress.com/2015/10/25/perun/.

Wszystkie Symbole. n/a. Znak Walesa. [ONLINE] Available at: https://wszystkiesymbole.pl/znak-walesa/.




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